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Billing Information

Paying Your Natural Gas Bill

     You may pay your gas bill by mail or in person at any Consumers Gas Company office using cash, check or money order or payment can be dropped off at First Bank. When paying by mail or in person, be sure to include or have the tear-off payment portion of your bill with your check or money order. Payment may also be made through an ACH sign up which monthly automatically withdraws payment from your checking account. 

     Monthly bills are due by the due date indicated on the bill. If you foresee difficulty in paying your gas bill, please call Consumers Gas Company to see if a payment option is available. It is important to call us to avoid service disconnection.

     Consumers Gas Company reads your meter each month. If there’s a need to estimate your bill it will be coded with EST. Meter readings and estimated bills are calculated by data from the prior year taking current climate changes into consideration. Please give us a call if you have a question about your bill.

     An eligible residential customer who is head of household who can demonstrate that his or her primary source of income is derived from a benefit (Social Security, Supplementary Security Income; Veteran’s Administration; any Pension Plan; Aid to Families with Dependent Children, etc) that is received during the 10 day period after the customer’s regular due date shall be entitled to a preferred payment date to enable the customer to submit timely payments. The preferred payment date shall not be more than 10 days after the customer’s regular due date.

“Budget” Your Monthly Gas Bills

     Help even out your home energy bills by signing up for Equal Payment Plan. It’s the best way to budget for all your natural gas energy needs. You simply pay your yearly gas costs in 12 equal payments, subject to adjustments if the cost or usage changes significantly. This budget monthly amount is calculated using the last 12 months usage divided by 12.  You will know what your payment will be every month. All Budget Plan accounts are reviewed at least once during the 4th and 7th month to prevent any major overages or shortages.  If you wish to sign-up for the Equal Payment Plan please contact Consumers Gas Company Carmi office.

Deferred Payment Plan

     A residential customer may be eligible for a payment plan known as a DPA in order to prevent disconnection unless they failed to complete a previous DPA in the last 12 months.  The Deferred Payment Agreement will allow you to make a down payment on the amount you owe and make monthly payments to the utility over a period of time to pay off the past due balance. Please contact us at (618) 382-4158 to ask about payment options to avoid disconnection.  You can reinstate a previous DPA that defaulted by catching up with all the payments that were due up to now.  You may be charged with a reinstatement fee unless this is your first time reinstating the DPA.

Financial Aide

Help with utility bills may be found in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  Along with the aid, LIHEAP qualifications gives you extra rights.  Contact LIHEAP at 618-384-5541.  We may know of other aid available.  To find out, contact us at Consumers Gas Company, 618-382-4158 or stop by our office at 216 Industrial Avenue, Carmi, IL  62821.